How I Made 2,470,214 Views And 5,772 Subscribers As a 13 Year Old Kid On Youtube

How I Made 2,470,214 Views And 5,772 Subscribers As a 13 Year Old Kid On Youtube

Have you ever heard the name Dr. Dimonds?

Well… You probably haven’t unless your a 13 year old kid obsessed with Minecraft.

I want to tell you the story of how I built and made significant profit on a YouTube channel…

with a misspelled name…  

as a 13 year old kid.  Hopefully you can learn from the mistakes and successes of Dr. Dimonds.

It all started in 2012 with my fantastic post “Best Minecraft Seed Ever( FREE DIAMONDS 1.2.5)”

If you weren’t a minecraft nerd like me, a seed is a way for the game to generate the world in a certain way.  (In this case, right next to diamonds!  The coveted treasure for 12 year old’s on Minecraft)

I know click-baity, but what’s even worse is that:

It was complete bullshit.  I loaded a creative game and placed the diamonds in a world and cut away while the world was generating.

Yes, looking back, I feel bad for blatantly lying.

In my defense though, I posted the video as a joke with an old friend of mine just to “troll”

I logged on the next day, and the video had over 500 views.  A few days later, the video was at thousands.

At that time, I thought that was insane.  It motivated me to start my YouTube career.

I did not think in terms of “niches” at that time, but that is exactly what I found.  A niche is a target market.  Your niche determines the type of content you are going to publish and and how you deliver that content.

The niche of DrDimonds was Minecraft seeds.  I noticed that all the videos on YouTube about Minecraft seeds got a lot of traction, but there wasn’t that many people posting about them.

I think I really realized that minecraft seeds were the way for views when I published my soon-to-be viral video

“Minecraft Diamond Seed”

It currently has over 700,000 views.

This video really combines everything right I did on DrDimonds.  It was the perfect video for my audience.  You can watch it here if you think you can handle the squeak.



I was lucky that I fell on this gold mine niche, but why exactly was it so good?

Without realizing it, I picked the best long-tail keyword in my niche – “minecraft diamond seed”.

A long-tail keyword is just a longer search term.  We take Minecraft seed and make it long-tail by adding the “diamond”.

If you searched that term on YouTube at that time, you wouldn’t have found much.  I ranked, and still rank, for the term pretty easily.

Even more than the title being perfect for my niche, the content was perfect for my target audience.

Who was DrDimond’s target market?

Well, diamond lovers of-course!

I was a kid obsessed with Minecraft diamonds, and It turns out there were a lot of kids obsessed with Minecraft Diamonds (atleast 700,000).

Without really thinking about it, I had targeted a specific audience that was not too general as to be too competitive and not too niche as to not have any volume.

I had a niche, a target market, and a perfect long-tail keyword.  The last touch I needed was:

The perfect thumbnail.

Kids who play minecraft not only want the item, but they absolutely love the act of mining the diamond themselves.  I took this screenshot inside minecraft of mining diamonds, and even added in little sparkles for effect in Gimp.

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