The Truth About Stun Gun Voltage

The Truth About Stun Gun Voltage

Electrical pulses are traveling throughout your body to direct your every movement.

Electricity is how your brain instructs the rest of your body on what to do.

This is why stun guns can be so effective. They completely disrupt this circuitry
by overloading it with so much electricity, or voltage, that the body shuts down.

Hearing this, you might think you want the highest voltage possible to protect
you and your family…

Manufacturers know this… and without government regulation, stun gun
companies have been nefariously spreading lies about the voltage in their products.

With false voltage claims as high as 85 billion, you need know the truth before
deciding on the tool that may just save your life.

The slider below will move from the minimum voltage to the maximum voltage a stun gun can have.
To the right, you can see what kind of affect a stun gun at this voltage would have to a perpetrator.

Play around with the graphic to get a better idea of what voltage you realistically need.