SEO Consultant

An SEO consultant that gets it.  I know people and algorithms. My expertise has helped companies generate millions in additional revenue year-on-year. 

Growing organic revenue by 160.58% ?

Revenue from SEO

We secured #1 positions for search terms returning millions of dollars of additional revenue year-on-year.

How did we do it?  

Who Is Patrick Rice?

I love search engines.  I am sure you don't hear that often.  But it's true.  I have been testing and optimizing websites for search engines for half a decade.  I have learned how Google processed pages and the thousands of factors leading to #1 rankings and rapid business growth from Search Engine Optimization.

They Say


7 Figure E-Commerce Founder

"Patrick is super efficient and a must have for any ecommerce business that is serious about ROI."


Enterprise Consultant

“Patrick’s insights and analyses are key to delivering SEO results. He’s smart, creative and a pleasure to work with.”

I have a principle of working only with companies that can drive serious ROI with SEO.

I am an SEO nerd, so I am always happy to give you a free analysis and if we're not a fit, we won't work together.