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Convert customers searching for products on Google with SEO, CRO, and Google Ads.

Growing organic revenue by 160.58% 👇

Revenue from SEO

We built better link building and content optimization processes leading to hundreds of premium link placements and thousands of pages optimized for search.

About Patrick

My name is Patrick Rice.  I have been in digital marketing since I was thirteen.  I was recruited by an SEO agency at seventeen and I have been doing independent consulting for the last five years. 

I am passion about sharing expert SEO advice on LinkedInFacebook, my newsletter and various groups in-person and over Slack.

They Say

Kiran Mehra

Ecommerce Owner

"Patrick is super efficient and a must have for any ecommerce business that is serious about ROI."

Emory Rowland

20+ Year SEO Consultant

“Patrick’s insights and analyses are key to delivering SEO results. He’s smart, creative and a pleasure to work with.”

I have a habit of telling potential clients SEO isn't for them.  It's a principle to only work with companies that have a growth opportunity.