Boutique Pet Store Shopify Case Study

I began this relationship in January of 2018 with a mentor of mine to see if we could make our store rank for an exact keyword using an exact-match domain name.

We are successfully the first result for the commercial keyword and long-tail variants. Let me show you what we did.


The client is a Shopify store in the pets niche. To say the least, we were excited for the challenge. I begin every project by completing an extensive audit analyzing the existing site, their competitors, and which strategies are available to the client.

This time we discovered link building and content marketing to be our bread and butter.


We have brandable exact-match domain which we can target an exact topical cluster: we were a subniche in the vertical of pet products and we needed to gain visibility online. We build content around every sub-topic in our niche through state of the art keyword research. Once we identify the topics that have to be covered, we write on them.

The second leg of the strategy is link building. People are scared of link building, but that’s because of the power of links. If you can wield it correctly, you will gain revenue from organic traffic. Links move things. This is what ultimately moved the needle for this project.


  1. Create a content ecosystem: source the right writers, and publish the right content with the right internal links.
  2. Create an outreach angle. How can we offer value and stand-out from bloggers and companies incessantly asking for links in the pets niche.
  3. We completed our strategic link building campaign acquiring dozens of premium links in the pets industry which shot our page to the top of Google.