How We Took This Shopify Brand to An Additional $1,633,357.95 in Sales


The client is a Shopify store competing with Blick Art Materials. To say the least, I was excited for the challenge. I begin every project by completing an extensive audit analyzing the website, their competitors, and the strategies available to the client.


We discovered the primary factors holding the client back on achieving their goals.  They were behind in links compared to their competitors, and they had fundamental technical SEO holding back their growth.  

We did a link gap analysis and a technical SEO audit.  Our technical SEO audit goes through 285+ on-page and technical SEO issues, while our link gap analysis procedures compares your backlink profile with your competition, setting the roadmap for how many links we need to compete.


  1. Big technical clean up. This client had some pretty major technical issues their last agency overlooked.
  2. We fixed the internal linking structure to create a proper category silo structure between the different product collections.
  3. We completed a huge, strategic link building campaign acquiring links on top art blogs including (DR 80) and (DR 89).
  4. We optimized hundreds of product categories using our product expansion method.
  5. We have acquired over 200 premium links for this client and counting.